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Fatechnika Kanizsa Kft. was established in 2007 and timber processing and the pro­duction of semi-finished products began in 2008 at the heart of the Zala Mountains, in Bázakerettye, Hungary.

Our factory

The plant is located at a preferable point in terms of forest cover and composition of species (oak, beech, horn­beam, spruce, pines and other ac­com­panying species).

  • Environmental awareness was a key aspect from day one, and it continues to be treated as a priority.
  • We produce both for the domestic market and for export.
  • All parts of the processed timber are utilized.

Our plans include modernising our machinery, improving our energy efficiency and building a more cost-efficient workshop, to supplement the already existing semi-finished product warehouses and the production hall.

Our main production profile from the raw materials purchased and processed, are the following fresh sawn products:

Edged sawn timber

75 % edged sawn timber (Oak)

Unedged sawn timber

12 % unedged sawn timber (Oak, beech, hornbeam, other deciduous hard and softwoods)

Construction timber

10 % construction timber (Pine)

Packaging products

3 % packaging products - pallet/ cage/ stacking slats - (Pine and other deciduous hard and softwoods)


Quality, precision

Fatechnika Kanizsa Kft. has been a registered member of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) system.

We source our raw material from FSC-certified state forests and from private forests of partners with forest management licenses. The volume of logs processed annually has exceeded 3000 m3/ year in a single shift per day operation.

Annual sawn timber raw material supply capacity: 3,300- 4,000 m3 logs and select stacked timber


Based on the activity of the recent years, it has been awarded the prestigious Reliable Company certificate.

Our professional effort is to achieve the optimal yields of semi-finished products - in order to adhere to the needs of our buyers with regards to quality, dimensions and quantities.

Our objective continues to be maintaining the natural balance of our environment, keeping the existing and finding new downstream processing partners.

International shipping

Fatechnika Kanizsa Kft. delivers its products to several regions of Europe and Asia.

• Singapore
• China
• Sweden
• Austria
• Croatia
• Italy
• Hungary

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Edged sawn timber and furniture slat semi-finished products

We offer the following semi-finished products to our existing and future partners.

Quality grades

A - B - C - Rustic

Net length dimensions

600 mm to 3000 mm

Net width dimensions

80 mm to 400 mm

Net thickness dimensions

25 mm to 60 mm

Raw materials for friezes for parquet flooring

Quality grades

A-B- Robust- Mosaic (clampboard)

Net length dimensions

150 mm to 600 mm

Net width dimensions

30 mm to 75 mm

Net thickness dimensions

25 mm to 30 mm

Further services


We also cut wood for rent


Net 30 m3 capacity modern drying kiln

Kaged firewood

(Oak, beech and hornbeam)

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Our machines

We can perform most tasks with our machine park.

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Head office:

H-8887 Bázakerettye, hrsz. 143/3.

Factory side (industry):

H-8887 Bázakerettye, Ipartelep




+36-70/429-02-69, +36-70/429-02-71

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